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Virtual Guest Services
The Future is Digital!

Virtual Guest Services is constantly evolving under the direction of our management team. Listening to the needs and desires of our clients has proven to be essential in providing exemplary service. The future is digital! Join us in changing the way industries monitor guest services digitally!

What we do

One of our most popular services is VisiCheck (Patented App Web Service Automation Process) which provides an electronic method of granting and monitoring guest privileges for marina and gated community clients around the world.

Taking your guests ... to the CLOUD ! Our method uses a cloud based approach that offers our clients better organization and control of guest privileges. Increase accuracy, unburden your workforce and eliminate mass confusion!

Why Choose Us?

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Here at Virtual Guest Services, our goal is to maintain a high level of security around all information within VisiCheck.

We realize your data is very sensitive, which is why we utilize modern encryption technology designed to keep your information secure.

Virtual Guest Services has applied best practices security standards to our cloud-based web service.

When guest information is stored into VisiCheck, secure socket layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt the

transmission of data from mobile and web apps to our servers.

Utilizing technical safeguards preserves the integrity and security of your information.